Pagsmile Payment Setup

Pagsmile supports various payment methods such as credit card and local payment, which allows customers to choose when placing orders. This article will explain how to set up Pagsmile and answer frequently asked questions. 

You need to:

  • Apply for a Pagsmile account. 
  • Bind your Pagsmile account to your SHOPLINE store’s payment method.
  • Once you have successfully set up, you would be able to  use Pagsmile to receive payments.


1. Pagsmile payment setup

In order to bind Pagsmile in SHOPLINE: SHOPLINE Admin [Settings] > [Payments] > [Other payment methods] > [Pagsmile]



  • Fill in your Pagsmile account [AppID] and [SecurityKey] accurately.
  • Click on the [Activate Pagsmile] button at the bottom right to use Pagsmile payment method.


2. Pagsmile payment setup FAQ

Question 1: How can I obtain the Pagsmile merchant parameters used to bind to SHOPLINE Admin?

Once the merchant has signed up with Pagsmile, they can find or request the AppID and SecurityKey of their opened account on the Pagsmile platform and then go to the SHOPLINE Admin to configure it.


Question 2: What countries and regions that Pagsmile support?

Pagsmile is currently supported in 12 countries: Brazil (BRL), Mexico (MXN), Colombia (COP), Chile (CLP), Peru (PEN), Ecuador (USD), Guatemala (GTQ), Costa Rica (CRC), Panama (USD), Nicaragua (NIO), El Salvador (USD), Russia (RUS), which are used mainly in South America.

However, the exact countries or regions supported may be updated, please see the official Pagsmile instructions for more details at:


Question 3: What is the payment limit  and the currency for Pagsmile?

Pagsmile supports different currencies for each country and region, and payment limits vary by country and payment method. See the official Pagsmile instructions for more details at:


Question 4: Does Pagsmile support refunds? How do I get a refund?

Pagsmile does not support refunds in the SHOPLINE admin panel. Merchants can only request a refund in the corresponding transaction order with Pagsmile. Pagsmile will send a refund link based on the mobile number or email address provided by the buyer. The buyer needs to fill in the recipient bank account information through the link and Pagsmile will then automatically help merchants to transfer money to the buyer and complete the refund.


Question 5: Why is Pagsmile payment unavailable when setting up?

If the payment currency of the online store is different from what is supported by Pagsmile, Pagsmile cannot be activated. If the online store has not yet generated any orders or issued gift cards, you can change the currency to a supported settlement currency at [Settings] > [Basic Settings] > [Payment Currency] to activate the binding.


Question 6: After successfully setting up the Pagsmile payment method, why does it show payment failure?


Even if the Pagsmile channel docking parameters are set correctly, there are other reasons why a buyer's payment may fail, and the exact reason will depend on the corresponding error message. If multiple payment failures occur and the reason cannot be confirmed, the merchant can contact SHOPLINE Customer Service to initiate the investigation process for unusual transactions.

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