Smart Reply Suggestions - Help Article


This article will explain to you: 

  1. The concept and function of Smart Reply Suggestions 
  2. How to use Smart Reply Suggestions


1. The concept and role of Smart Reply Suggestions

After Smart Reply Suggestion is turned on, the system can automatically give a reply suggestion to the message sent by the customer according to the data content you select, helping the user to solve the problem more quickly and improve the user experience.

2. How to use Smart Reply Suggestions

Step 1 : Feature Entry

You may navigate to: Message Center > Chat Assistant > Go to Settings > Smart Reply Suggestions to find the entry for Smart Reply Suggestions. The Smart Reply Suggestions feature is turned off by default.


Step 2 : Turn on the toggle for the feature

You can click the button to the right of [Smart Reply Suggestions] to turn on the feature


Step 3 : Configure data source

When the [Smart Reply Suggestions] toggle is turned on, you can configure the data source of [Smart Reply Suggestions]. Currently, the data source of the [Smart Reply Suggestion] function only supports getting from [Content Library].


Step 4 : Effect after turning on the feature

After enabling [Smart Reply Suggestion], when the content of the message sent by the user contains a specific keyword, the system will automatically display the content related to the keyword to the user, helping the user to solve their enquiries quickly and improving the user experience.


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