AtomeBNPL Payment Setting

Atome allows customers to choose to pay in installments over 3 months which can help increase your average order value. If you have already activated SHOPLINE payments, you can already add Atome as a payment method.

Alternatively, if you have already set up a separate account with Atome and would like to use that account to accept payments, this article will explain how to set up Atome BNPL payments and answer frequently asked questions. 

You need to: 

  • Merchant will need an account with Atome if you do not SHOPLINE Payments
  • Bindyour AtomeBNPL account to your SHOPLINE store’s payment .
  • Once you have successfully set up, you would be able to use AtomeBNPL to receive payments.


1. AtomeBNPL payment setup

In order to bind AtomeBNPL in SHOPLINE, head to: 

SHOPLINE Admin [Settings] > [Payments] > [Other payment methods] > [AtomeBNPL]



  • Fill in the [apiKey] and [password] of your AtomeBNPL account accurately.
  • Click on the [Activate AtomeBNPL] button at the bottom right to enable AtomeBNPL.


2. AtomeBNPL payment setup FAQ

Question 1: How can I obtain information about the AtomeBNPL account used to bind with SHOPLINE Admin?

Once the merchant has signed up with AtomeBNPL, they can find or request the apiKey and password of their opened account on the  AtomeBNPL platform and then go to the SHOPLINE Admin to configure it.


Question 2: What countries and regions does AtomeBNPL support?

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong China, Japan, Chinese Taiwan.


Question 3: What is the payment limit for Atome payments and what is the payment currency?

Country /  Region

Supported Currencies & Limits


SGD, min. 1.50 SGD


MYR, min. 10.00 MYR


IDR, min. 50,000 IDR

Hongkong, China

TWD, min. 50 TWD


VND, min. 50,000 VND


PHP, min 100 PHP

Hongkong, China

HKD, min. 15.00 HKD


JP, min. 200 JPY


Question 4: Does Atome support refunds? How do I get a refund?

Atome supports refunds from the original route by initiating the refund under the successful transaction order in the shop admin. Partial refunds can be initiated multiple times as long as the total refund does not exceed the original order amount.  The maximum time to initiate a refund after a successful payment is 180 days.


Question 5: Why is AtomeBNPL installment payment not available when setting up?

AtomeBNPL can only be activated if the shop's billing currency is the same as the payment currency supported by AtomeBNPL. If your online store has already generated orders, you will need to switch to another supported currency to enable binding. If the online store has not yet generated any orders or issued gift cards, you can change the currency to a supported settlement currency at [Settings] > [Basic Settings] > [Payment Currency] to activate the binding.


Question 6: After successfully activating the AtomeBNPL payment method, why does it show payment failure?

There are many reasons for payment failure, such as:

(1) Merchant has filled in the wrong account parameter information and password or security key when binding the payment channel in Admin, please re-check.

(2) Insufficient balance on customer's bank card, suspected fraud or payment channel system failure.

(3) Other reasons, please check the corresponding error message. If this happens several times and the cause cannot be confirmed, contact SHOPLINE Customer Service to initiate an investigation into the unusual transaction.


Q7: How long does it take for a merchant to contact SHOPLINE Customer Service to apply for AtomeBNPL payment service?

Approximately 7 working days, including sign-up, review and enable the service.



Question 8: How can consumers use AtomeBNPL to pay in installments?

To pay with AtomeBNPL, customers must first download the Atome App and then click on the "Complete Order" button on the shop checkout page, then jump to the Atome page to scan the code and pay. The first installment needs to be paid immediately when the order is placed in order to complete the transaction. 



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