Modeling method to generate 3D model guideline



1、3D modeling method to generate model guideline

If you wish to generate model for big furniture item (for example: sofa, bed frame etc), recommend to use modeling method to generate 3D model. To restore the realistically of your item, please follow the guideline below to provide materials: 

  • Photograph equipment requirement: Camera, mobile camera are both acceptable, to avoid the depth of field resulting in blurred objects, please disable flashlight
  • Lighting requirement: Ensure the space has enough lighting and avoid big or heavy shadows 
  • List of photo required:
    1. Need each of the clear photo of all angle. mceclip0.jpeg
    2. Need each of clear details photo of the item (when generating 3D model, required all details photo og the item to avoid any left out during the modeling processmceclip1.jpeg
    3. To make sure the item can be better and match back the real item, you will need to provide the measurement & size of the item. You will also need to provide the item sizing photo as per below: Screenshot_2022-09-19_at_12.37.12_PM.png


2、Sample of the model file (to download) 




3、AR display mobile phone model restrictions


The AR playback effect of the 3D model needs to use the native capabilities of the Android system. Currently, the AR display of the 3D model cannot be supported on all mobile devices. Mobile devices need to meet the following requirements for AR playback:

iPhone: IOS14+

Android phone:

Android9+, and ARCore1.9+ is required. Nowadays most of Android mobile phones have Google application + AR Core application, most mobile phones can support.


Phones that do not support: 

Huawei mobile phone: Since AR playback uses Android's native capabilities, Huawei mobile phones cannot use AR functions because they do not support Google's suite.



4、Modeling method generating 3D service fee 

Please contact your local merchant support team for quotation


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