Importing External Lead Form Data

Feature Introduction

B2B & Wholesale Solution app provides the function to import leads information collected from TikTok and Facebook systems via a form, allowing you to centrally manage the leads collected from other platforms within the app.

Steps to Use

To import inquiry forms:

B2B & Wholesale Solution application → Leads → Import, click to bring up the import pop-up window, as shown below: 


Firstly, you need to select the form type to import. Currently, this app is capable of analyzing lead forms from Facebook and TikTok. As forms from different sources are not identical, you need to select the correct type of form to import depending on the source, otherwise the import will not be successful.


  • Please do not download the two example files above. The content will need to be filled in and imported by yourself, otherwise it may not be recognised.
  • You may not have more than 20 custom fields (fields that need to be filled in by yourself) on the lead form.
  • In custom fields, the number of characters in the header should not exceed 50 characters and the content (filled in by yourself) should not exceed 1024 characters, otherwise the B2B & Wholesale Solution app will automatically delete the over-length section.

Guidelines for Exporting External Lead Forms


  1. Access the TikTok Business Center and select the [Ads Manager] to access the [Advertiser].


2.Click on [Instant] under [Asset]


3.Select [Instant Forms], and trigger the download of form files in the [Download Leads] column on the right hand side of the form you require.


4.Select [Download Now] in the pop-up window to download the TikTok leads form file.

mceclip4.pngNote: Due to the default logic of WPS and Office, numbers will automatically be displayed in scientific notation. Note that the form may not be successfully imported if the form ID column is displayed in scientific notation, so that you must convert the form ID to normal numbers.



  1. You can access the Business Manager interface corresponding to the public page and select [Instant Forms] to access the list of [Lead Ads Forms].mceclip5.png
  2. In the list of lead ads forms, click the [Download] button on the right to export the lead ads solution you need.



3.Note that the format of downloaded files must be in [csv format]. Please do not download lead form files in [xlxs] format as they will not be successfully imported into the B2B system.


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